• Practice notice

    Dear patients of the Center for Bariatric Surgery:

    Due to the updated COVID-19 regulation of the Federal Council, we are now allowed to start planning our office hours again. We are now there for you every day at the usual times. We would like to ask you to consider the following points regarding your planned consultation / annual check:

    • We would like to ask you to come to our consultations alone, without accompaniment
    • The best thing to do is to postpone or cancel appointments by phone or email; avoid direct visits to the practice
    • Please come to the consultations on time. If you arrive early, you will be redirected from the reception to an external waiting room – please follow the instructions regarding placement in one of our waiting areas

    Classification of high-risk patients – coronavirus (COVID-19)

    We would like to inform you that patients undergoing bariatric surgery (overweight surgery) are not generally classified as high-risk patients .

    We refer here to the instructions of the BAG. Particularly vulnerable people:



    Dr. med. Michèle Gasser
    Dr. med. Claudia Meier
    Dr. med. Yvette Ottiger
    Dr. med. Stefan Schäfer
    Dr. med. Rudolf Steffen
    Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner

    Seilerstrasse 8
    3011 Bern

    Tel .: +41 31 310 15 99
    Fax: +41 31 310 15 98

    Email:  bc@hin.ch

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