More modern, more user-friendly and more informative – this is how the new website of the Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Bern now presents itself to internet visitors. With this, the bariatric practice under the direction of Jörg Zehetner has taken a further step in the clearer profiling of the practice, which is closely related to the public repositioning of the clinic.

Those who previously had little or nothing to do with the term bariatrics are now experiencing this medical speciality already on the internet as an option for surgical intervention that can make life not only easier and more comfortable for severely overweight people, but above all more worth living.

However, the special surgical procedures by the specialists at the Centre for Bariatric Surgery are not understood as a cure-all or miracle weapon against obesity, much less as a way out of the dilemma of an unhealthy lifestyle. That is why the bariatric centre always presents itself on its new website as a unity of problem and individual coping strategies with professional support, surgical solution and accompanied aftercare for the patients.

This approach is also extremely important to the head of the team, Dr Jörg Zehetner, MD. On the new website, the information of those affected is therefore clearly placed above the quick medical intervention. Only when it is possible to relieve the patient of the pressure of suffering in all possible ways and to offer a clear positioning on the specific surgical intervention can it be possible to understand the problem in its entirety and also to counter it with surgical means.

The fact that this always includes the activity of patients and the involvement of other specialists is also made clearly visible in the content of the new website. This was also a basic concern of the creators of the new website. In addition to providing better information to interested parties, those affected and patients, the aim is of course always to increase awareness of the Centre for Bariatric Surgery Bern and to present the professional surgical treatment methods in conjunction with the accompanying specialties.

This has been achieved with a website that is not only clearly structured but also absolutely user-friendly. For patients and the team, there is, among other things, a special login that allows them to access information that is important for the success of treatment but is not visible to the public. With this, the team around Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner is taking another step towards digital modernity, which, however, will by no means stop with the new layout, new content and new functionality of the website.