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Life afterwards

Life afterwards

Those who are tired of the struggle for pounds and countless diets and have to watch their body weight steadily increasing anyway, may come to the thought of the only help – bariatric surgery.

As is often the case, in order to make a serious decision, a well-founded evaluation is required. According to Swiss guidelines, at least three months must elapse from initial contact to surgery. A non-expert does not know whether he fulfills the conditions for the cost approval, nor does he know the consequences and risks of the intervention, nor “life afterwards”.

Clarification and education are at the beginning. Exchange of information between doctor and patient until both sides have understood everything. Until then, no one should be bothered with “should I or shouldn’t I”. Only then it becomes easier and a serious decision possible at all. It should be remembered that as weight increases, the risks of surgery increase and an optimal end result is more difficult to achieve.

That’s what we are here for! A team with 20 years of experience, with all the necessary understanding and respect towards you.

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