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Information on surgical treatments

General information

We are happy to accept your registration directly or as a referral from your family doctor/family physician (mandatory depending on health insurance model).

The health insurance company will cover the costs of a surgical intervention from a BMI of 35/m². Please note that in order to be eligible for reimbursement, you must have undergone dietary treatment for a total of 24 months (not all at once).

If you prefer to have the first contact with the surgeon you can contact Dr. med. J. Zehetner, Professor (USC) / PD Dr. med. R. Steffen / Dr. med. Anita Scheiwiller

directly. The requirements are the same.

After registration you will receive a questionnaire to create your data and required diets.

Procedure for surgical treatment

Initial consultation by one of our doctors

  • Operation information
  • Conservative therapies

Psychological location determination

Nutritional counseling

Clarifications before the surgical intervention by general practitioner or specialist.
Laboratory examination
X-ray Thorax
Ultrasound Abdomen
ECG (possibly stress ECG)
Gastroscopy (possibly colonoscopy)
(possibly lung function test, sleep apnea clarification)

Second consultation

Discussion of the results of the preliminary clarification
Obtaining the cost approval from your health insurance company
Assigned to surgeons J. Zehetner, MD, Professor (USC) / PD R. Steffen, MD / Anita Scheiwiller, MD.
Attendance at the Bariatric Curriculum

Follow-up one month after surgery
Control appointment with the doctor
Nutritional counseling

In the first year, during the phase of rapid weight loss, close monitoring is necessary. Four inspections are planned, in the second year two more and then once a year. Of course, if necessary, you can also visit us at any time outside of routine checks.

Hospitalization for surgical treatments

Mr. J. Zehetner, MD, Professor (USC) / Mr. PD R. Steffen, MD/Hospitalization
Dr. med. J. Zehetner, Professor (USC) / PD Dr. med. R. Steffen / Dr. med. Anita Scheiwiller, Schänzlihalde 1, 3013 Bern, Ärztehaus Beau-Site

  • Pre-surgery consultation and explanation, information about risks Surgery scheduling
  • Surgery at the Beau-Site Clinic
  • Nutritional counseling during hospitalization
  • Treatment by internists during hospitalization at Beau-Site

Questions & Advice


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