What is the Bariatric Curriculum?

The bariatric curriculum is a short seminar on the inpatient hospitalisation process prior to obesity surgery such as gastric bypass or sleeve stomach, which is attended before surgical treatment. The bariatric curriculum provides general information on patient participation, physiotherapy, nutrition, nursing and individual education by the anaesthetist. Furthermore, special questions from bariatric patients are answered.

What stages are passed through before obesity surgery?

All patients receiving surgery from Dr. Zehetner and Dr. Steffen pass through the following stations: first, the patient is informed in the Centre for Bariatric Surgery (www.zfbc.ch), where the organisation of the clarifying examinations before an operation such as a tube stomach or gastric bypass for morbidly obese patients also takes place.

The consultation will then take place a few weeks before the operation in the swiss1chirurgie clinic in Bern. All operations take place at the Beau-Site Hirslanden Clinic in Bern.

What needs does the bariatric curriculum cover?

Until now, comprehensive information and education about hospitalisation has been largely lacking in the clinic. We have fundamentally changed this at the Beau-Site Clinic in Bern. A short introductory afternoon (2 hours), about two to three weeks before the operation, gives extensive information to get to know the hospital procedure and at the same time to complete the interview with the anaesthetist, including information. We have named this block the Bariatric Curriculum. Why? During a 1-hour lecture, patients learn from the anaesthetics, nursing, nutritional advice, physiotherapy as well as guest relations how the 3-5 day hospital stay proceeds in detail.

Why bariatric curriculum?

Long-term studies have shown that well-prepared patients have fewer complications as well as experience a faster healing process. With the knowledge gained from the bariatric curriculum, it becomes possible for patients to perceive their own part in healing and recovery. Accordingly, the healing processes are less complicated and faster, which is definitely in the interest of the patients.

More information on the bariatric curriculum and patient participation can also be found at www.drzehetner.ch and here in the overview.